Cleaners Required

We are looking for hardworking and reliable experienced Cleaners to work for our Office and Domestic Cleaning Clients across London. If you are interested, please complete the registration form below.

Professional Course for Cleaning Services in UK click Here

Професионален курс за почистване в UK click Here

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Quality Assurance Policy

In our company quality is the responsibility of every person we employ. This means every person in every facility we clean is involved in quality inspections.

Quality Assurance Systems
Office Cleaning Quality

The Cleaning For A Reason Quality Assurance System has been developed to conform to accredited standards. Elements included in our quality management system are:

  • Risk and Hazard Assessment
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Environmental Management
  • Human Resource Management

Quality Assurance Systems

Cleaning For A Reason's commitment is to achieve sustainable and improved outcomes by establishing with our clients measurable Key Performance Indicators (used to track contract management and compliance) and ensuring effective monitoring, action and review of performance standards.

Key Account Manager will ensure that all specified work requirements; work programs (periodic works); and members training and competence requirements are completed to your satisfaction.

Office cleaners / commercial cleaners are the people who have all the answers to your cleaning needs. The office cleaner is trained to deal with worst unhygienic conditions and provides rejuvenated and clean working environment for good health of your employees.

Commercial cleaning & office cleaning involves cleaning up of offices, retail outlets, shopping complexes, leisure and industrial sectors. It helps in pulling up good crowd to places like malls, retails outlet, etc and helps in increasing their business as people prefer places which are clean and hygienic.

Quality Control Inspections, Management of Quality Assurance System and Service Reviews will be undertaken on both regular scheduled and on unscheduled spot checks to ensure compliance with the scope of works.

The KPIs we use for our contract management include:

  • Performance against contract
  • Lost Time injuries
  • Medical Treatment Injuries
  • Record of Incidents
  • Safety Audits
Customer Service:
  • Customer Satisfaction survey results
  • Number of complaints from Customers
  • Time to rectify faults
  • Regular formal Client meetings

We have a thorough program of contact with our Customers – from our daily on-site contact, through to regular agenda-driven meetings with our operational managers and then ensuring that senior management stay in touch with our performance.

Going that extra step

At every site, Cleaning For A Reason has introduced a "Cleaners Communication Book". This works as a two-way "conversation" between our staff and out client.

Normally located at our Client's reception area, the book records matters that need to be attended to. From a client's perspective, these may be special cleans (e.g. after an office party), or other matters that should be attended to.

For Cleaning For A Reason, we may report matters such as building issues (e.g. non-working lights or minor faults), or the need for more materials.

We look at the book every day, and it becomes second nature to our clients. Cleaner Communication Books are a remarkably simple, yet very effective way of ensuring client satisfaction. We have a process for escalating incidents to the appropriate level of action and rectification.

We ensure a prompt response – quick action ... and that you know the matter has been resolved to your satisfaction.

Should an emergency situation arise, contingency plans will be developed for each area.

Large teams of employees and subcontractors are available to perform emergency breakdown and/or clean up operations at short notice.

Continuous Improvement

'Continuous Improvement' is the consistent achievement of targeted gains in quality, costs and reliability to meet client needs better than our competitors. Appropriately skilled and motivated people achieve this through:
  • Rigorous analysis and planning;
  • Supportive and disciplined application of systems and processes;
  • Shared understanding of the need and ability to do better;
  • Clear personal accountabilities and commitment to serviced delivery; and
  • Accepting that there are always better ways of doing things and that there is always room for improvement.
Cleaning For A Reason has a commitment to 'Continuous Improvement' and to this end all consortium members are involved with this concept from their first induction session, subsequent training sessions reinforce this concept.

Issue Flagging

Cleaning For A Reason has considerable experience at managing at an operational level, understand the demands on facilities' managers ... and their need for a supportive and reliable service.

Within our scope of operation, nothing is too much for us. Our management team will respond to all emergencies quickly and effectively.

We train our members to maintain a watchful eye over the general condition of your office premises and report any items in need of repair, replacement, or any other form of maintenance that may be required. This may be fluorescent tubes or light bulbs that need replacing, doors not closing properly, power points not functioning correctly, dripping taps etc.

Then, of course, there's our "Cleaner Communication Book". We look at the book every day, and it becomes second nature to our clients. Cleaner Communication Books are a remarkably simple, yet very effective way of ensuring client satisfaction.
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KD Cleaning Services is specialised provider of cleaning in the following industries:
  • dental surgeries
  • GP surgery 

We are your right choice because:

  • All our cleaners are certified after completion of specialised cleaning course
  • Flexible payment terms to suit all customers
  • Individual solutions to each customer
  • Extensive knowledge of the special requirements of Dental & GP practices
  • Certified PCT provider by NHS
  • Holder of Reference from GP Dental Practice.

Take advantage of our discounted Offer:

One week cleaning at 30% Discounted Rate

To get this deal please provide us with contact details by replying to this E-mail and one of our team will contact you within 24 hours.