cinema cleaning
KD Cleaning Services offers cinemas carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services within London, and we are proud with excellent quality we supply our clients. 

Commercial cinemas premises are daily visited at least by hundreds movie fans, bringing all kind of food and drinks inside. We highly reccomend carpet and upholstery cleaning on a regular basis to prevent any further damages.

We use only the latest carpet equipments and the best chemicals, which will guarantee that all different kind of fabrics on carpets, upholstery will retain their actual colour.

We are flexible at our work schedule and we may customize our commercial cleaning to your requirements 7 days a week.

Our professional cinemas cleaning team will:
  • Technically and visually inspect each fabric before start of any procedure;

  • Identify potential permanent stains and resolve the problem;

  • Use only environmentally friendly materials

  • Hot water extraction for steam cleaning and kill all bacterials; 

  • Protect and scent carpet and upholstery;

Price: £10 per hour per person

If you would like to book any of our services you can pay by:

  • Cash/ Cheque
  • Direct Payment (See our bank details here)