Upholstery Cleaning

curtains cleaning
KD Cleaning uses the power of carbonation to lift dirt and soil to the surface of your fabric and upholstery where it is sucked away using our powerful upholstery cleaning extraction equipment.

Our expert carpet & upholstery cleaning technicians will brighten fabric colours and remove those niggling spots and stains. They are also trained to handle the most difficult of fabrics, including Haitan Cotton, Wool, Velvet and many other fabrics, including white and off-white fabrics that some conventional cleaning methods refuse to touch.
If you would like to book any of our services you can pay by:
  • Cash/ Cheque
  • Direct Payment (See our bank details here)
  • Online (Pay Pal) Please choose from our shop below*Please note that minimum charge of £ 50 apply:

2 seater sofa  
£ 50,00
3 seater sofa  
£ 70,00
£ 30,00
Dining Chair  
£ 10,00
Office chair  
£ 10,00
Mattress (single)  
£ 30,00
Mattress (Double)  
£ 40,00
£ 15,00
Curtains (Half lenght per set)  
£ 30,00
Curtains (Full lenght per set)  
£ 70,00