What can we do to make our vacuum cleaner last longer?

Posted in Residential Cleaning

1.Empty or replace the bag frequently. A good rule of thumb – if the bag is two-thirds full, it’s time to empty or replace the bag. This applies to both cloth and paper bags.

2. Air flow is also important. The principle behind vacuuming is very simple: You move air through a carpet and suck the dirt into a bag. If you reduce the air flow, you don’t get the dirt. There’s another danger to restricting airflow. It can cause the vacuum motor to burn out. Plastic parts may melt when temperatures rise, following restricted air movement.

3. Keeping the vacuum itself clean can help improve performance. Some manufacturers recommend routinely wiping the machine down, inside and out. Anything on the inside will eventually pass through the motor.

4. Check the power cord and switch for worn cords and replace before they become a problem. Remind operators to pull from a vacuum's plug rather than the cord to reduce wire fraying.