Water Jetting For FPSO Cleaning

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FPSO is an acronym for a Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading vessel it can be a custom build vessel, or as is quite common a converted oil tanker. These vessels hold a large quantity of oil or gas. In the case of crude oil there needs to be a regular cleaning programme to keep everything working at its optimum level. Water jetting is by far the most commonly used method; fast and efficient, it helps to keep downtime to an absolute minimum, which is essential in any high cost operation.

Like all containers in the oil and gas industry, FPSOs need regular cleaning to remove the build up of scale and sludge that can interfere with the smooth operation of essential equipment. Water jetting is the ideal cleaning option, it is a dust free operation that can be performed cold and it produces highly efficient results.

Water jet cleaning machines deliver high pressure or ultra high pressure water jets to provide an environmentally friendly solution to cleaning and de-scaling the holding tanks in FPSO vessels. It is a very efficient method of removing unwanted scale and sludge, while being extremely safe to use in area where a possible hazard is present.

Water Jetting has the added advantage of being free of particles of dust allowing other activities to continue undisturbed. It cleans surfaces to an extremely high standard, which is useful if the surfaces being cleaned are to be painted or coated.

Water jet machines have a number of uses. They can be used for industrial cleaning, for surface preparation and for cleaning pipe bores or storage tank interiors. This technology can also be used with some adaptation for cold cutting operations. The machines can be powered by either a diesel engine or an electric motor. Water jetting can be performed with hot or cold water, each has its uses and advantages, but on FSPOs it is usually a cold water operation.

Cleaning the storage tanks of FSPOs is necessary for regular inspections. In order to maximise production it is essential to avoid dry docking and to deal with any problem on site if at all possible. Regular inspections can give an early warning of any problems, and can keep tabs on areas that have already posed a problem. Water jet cleaning makes a quick and easy solution.

It isn't just the tanks of FSPOs that require periodic cleaning. Pipework and other machinery on deck require regular cleaning and coating. The use of water jets can make this a fast, safe and easy operation, as well as a cost effective solution.

C. J. Rose writes on the subject of water cutting for tank and vessel maintenance for Sureclean global industrial waste management solutions. To see this in action, check out Water Cutting Videos.