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Directory Listing Guideline

We do not accept sites with illegal material:
  • child pornography,
  • adult sites or adult related content material that infringes any intellectual property right
Please, do not submit:
  • Gambling/Casino, Warez/Hacking/Cracking sites
  • sites that contain Illicit Drugs/Drug Paraphernalia etc
  • sites that are under construction or incomplete
  • sites made for adSense or other ad services
  • sites that redirects to another address and tracked URLs
  • Do not use a list of keywords as a title
  • Do not include URLs in the description field.
  • Write good quality description.
  • Avoid inappropriate CAPITALIZATI0N of words.
  • Site must be in the English language

Please submit the following form:

We reserve the right to refuse any submission that does not pass the requirements of our submission guidelines. We also reserve the right to edit any submission during review process to help ensure they meet our guidelines.